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RENTAC engineers are highly experienced in developing majority types of Bluetooth products. Our engineers are familiar with manufacturing process and take caution to all manufacturing concerns prior to design-in. With solid foundation in Bluetooth module designs, RENTAC engineers are capable in performing integration to any end products that requires Bluetooth connectivity. We believe high quality products are the result of best quality designs.

Aside from customer requested designs (ODM), RENTAC also develop products based on our vision to Bluetooth evolution. Customers are welcome to select any of the interested products within RENTAC product profile, and either purchase from non-branded packaging or request a Customer Brand customization. With vast experience in BQB (Bluetooth Qualification Body) certifications, we guaranty the fastest qualification process. RENTAC hopes to bring the most innovative products to customer through our CBM business model.

RENTAC is capable in manufacturing majority types of Bluetooth based products. With solid partnership with first tier Bluetooth chipset providers, RENTAC ensures most up to date technology support and most reasonable price offerings. With highest quality standard, we make sure customer receives problem-free products. In RENTAC, customer satisfaction is our first priority.